ACTIVITY 1 - Kick-off meeting

A physical meeting among all partners not only to discuss about the activities and steps of the project but also to meet each other and set the backbone of a strong and fruitful collaboration.


A series of focus groups to reach out stakeholders and marginalized young women with a view to gain insights about:
- The state of discriminatory behaviors and preventative measures
- Best practices for social inclusion
- Contribution of ecotourism in social inclusion
- Skills gap between young women and labor market demands

The goal is to identify the current situation and formulate training materials based on the real needs.

ACTIVITY 3 - on-site training

We cannot empower women unless we provide them with hands-on training! First, we develop engaging and to-the-point training materials to increase their skills, then we implement on-site trainings. The trainings focus on the following skills:
- Interpersonal (self-worth, social abilities, emotional intelligence, etiquette)
- Digital (problem solving, online communication, creation of digital content, information and data literacy) based on the DigiComp Framework
- Business (imagination, self-awareness, drive, motivation, hands-on learning) based on the EntreComp Framework
- Green (trash management, recycling, online marketing, etc.) based on the GreenComp Framework

activity 4 - capacity building serious game

A virtual card game focused on enhancing the training and upskilling of young women. The game acts as a skills assessment tools and aims to promote environment-related scenarios that women can implement also physically. The goal is to allow them to put their skills into action through eco-conscious actions that can, in parallel, boost their motivation and self-esteem.

ACTIVITY 5 - environmentally-minded physical activities

This is where young participants embrace the real feel of the project!
Social working groups of max. 5 women, 2 stakeholders and 2 mentors are established in Bulgaria and Greece to implement physical activities related to the protection of the environment.
Four different cycles of activities are offered for participants to choose based on their preferences, always focusing on a newly acquired skill as part of the project training.

activity 6 - synergies framework development

The project experience does not stop there!
We need to make a strong impact and actively support the rehabilitated women community!
As the last activity, we opt for building a solid basis to support mentoring communities and pan-European synergies.
Our goal is to become ambassadors of similar future initiatives and stimulate actions towards social inclusion