our motivation...

Women having gone through rehabilitation programs are highly stigmatized...Thus, they have much less chances to re-integrate themselves...
On the other hand, ecotourism has been massively used as a means for social inclusion and community empowerment.

Then, we came up with the idea of combining three key areas to support women:
- Cultural Ecotourism
- Social Inclusion
- Game-based Learning

...And here comes our project!


Alongside having as a mail goal to prevent social exclusion of vulnerable groups, we aim to ensure the re-integration of rehabilitated young women through activities related to Ecotourism.
In particular, we strive to:
- Raise awareness about discrimination especially towards young vulnerable women
- Bring attention to the existing need of re-skilling and up-skilling so that those women have a chance within the labor market
- Develop OERs to train women on how to increase communication, digital, green and entrepreneurial skills
- Create a digital serious game in the form of a card game so as to engage women in the learning process
- Implement activities related to eco-cultural tourism in order to boost women's confidence and self-esteem
- Set-up a framework to support the creation of synergies that can help young women in need

our expectations...

After this project, we expect to achieve the following outcomes:
-European societies are aware of ways to prevent discrimination against rehabilitated young women
- Vulnerable groups and especially women are empowered with the 21st century skills and ready to re-enter the labor market
- Young women are engaged and self-motivated to pursue non-formal education opportunities
- Younger generations are environmentally conscious
- An open dialogue will be initiated among different communities, peers, mentors, stakeholders and - why not - policy makers to support stigmatized and vulnerable groups